Saturday, April 12, 2014

I've been a total slacker and I blame Seán for it completely.  This little boy is slowly trying to pull my body in two and it hurts!

So a list of things I've been wanting to post about:

1. Becoming BFFs with Vice President Cheney.  We are homies for life, and there is no way that man will ever forget chatting it up with the cute little pregnant lady at George Will's house. I think my bump knocked into him like ten times.

2. Brendan turned 4.  A low key birthday. But he was so happy and it was delightful....and I took no pictures because I'm a horrible mother.

3. Winter is over. I really think the chance of snow is finally done. So maybe we can put away the sled and snow shovel that's been leaning up the front of the house reminding our neighbors how organized we are really are.

4. I keep telling myself I'm going to eat better and exercise during these last three months of pregnancy but then I get hungry and the only thing I can find in my house to eat is crunchy peanut butter and coffee.

5. My in ability to not pee 100x a day is stopping me from drinking enough water.  I'm dehydrated all the time.

6. I wish I could replace water with margaritas because lately that's what I'm craving....and the beach...alone.

7. I can't sleep. I could do an entire blog post on my lack of sleep and my aching body but I'll keep it short:  WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!

And done.  Here are some pictures:

Charlie plays on his Uncle Pat's soccer team.
Oh wait, I did take a picture...Brendan celebrating his birthday with his class.

Literally the only picture I could find of Lucy in the past month which actually sums up Lucy. When she isn't reading she is putting on some kind of singing and dancing show.

Just like momma!

Miss Independent wanted very much to serve everyone their peas.  She did a relatively good job and only 1/4 of the peas ended up on the table.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Introvert In Me...

I'm curled up in my big arm chair with my hips absolutely throbbing in pain from my short errand to Target.  The rain is pouring down and it's chilly outside.  But I know in about 45 minutes I have to start getting ready, showering and shaving my legs, to attend an Opening Day cocktail party.

I really don't want to go. Like not all, except that I do. And I will.

Chilly rainy days don't spark a lot of excitement for a cocktail party.  It sparks excitement for pajamas and a movie.

I know I will probably be the youngest person there and will have more kids than almost everyone there....and less money.  I will be asked at least five times if this is my first, and when I respond with a smile "No, he's my fifth!"I'll get the completely shocked look that proceeds the "Bless your soul!!".

But I will have fun because despite the fact that I won't know anyone there except my husband. An opportunity to go to this cocktail party rarely comes a long. And even though I'm definitely half an introvert, which causes the "pre game" anxiety, the extrovert that lurks near the surface always manages to emerge and chat everyone up. Plus, there will definitely be good food. And I'm hoping to find a sweet old lady sitting on a couch that I can sit next to on a couch for most of the evening.

Friday, April 4, 2014

This gianormous bottle of Tums is left over from my pregnancy with Meg. It was half full a few months ago. Amazing shelf life. Wonder if it will last another three months? I've needed them with increasing frequency.

And This Is How My Brain Works These Days

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


When I complain that I can't do ANYTHING without Meggy at my side, I'm really not joking. I was trying to shower and she somehow managed to open the door (stupid 1942 locks don't actually work) and climbed into the shower. Right now I'm sitting on the floor of the bathroom while she is banging on the door. I just need 5 minutes away from my side kick.

Our uncle, Fr. John, came to visit this weekend.  We ended the night with him playing the guitar, and thankfully my BIL leading us tone deaf Gabriels in song.  He is singing Cold Play in this photo. :)

It snow. On March 30th. 

Lucy has embraced April Fool's Day this year. A&D on the boy's tooth brushes, Smoothie in Dad's yogurt (it was complicated but she pulled it off fairly well except the nonstop giggling when she handed him an "unopened" yogurt. Apparently she has something planned for me today...uh oh.

The only one really enjoying my growing baby bump is Scout.  One of her new favorite resting spots.

Thursday, March 27, 2014



Charlie: YOU are my side kick!

Brendan: No, YOU are my side kick!

Charlie: Ok, than I'm going to kick you in the spleen!

This goes back in forth, both of them declaring to kick the other in the spleen.

No idea where they got that idea but I'm fairly sure neither one knows where the spleen is located.
Ever have those days where you decide your one a day napper is going to "take" two naps today and the first one will be at 8:30am.  SOMEONE decided to be the most annoying two year old on the face of the earth. Not whiney annoying, but I just want to hang on your back, lick you, bite your clothes, undo everything you just did kind of annoying.  So Meg is "napping" right now so I can have a hot cup of coffee, my first cup is stone cold somewhere in the house, and I can do the dishes without her taking out all the dirty silverware and insisting on putting in the drawer, and a few loads of laundry without her just throwing all the clothes all over the laundry room.  I had even tried to get her to watch TV and she rather shadow me.  argh!

I should have known how the morning was going to go when she started it off with having a huge poopy explosion while sitting on my pillow in my bed this morning right in the middle of the "BRUSH YOUR TEETH AND GET YOUR DARN SCHOOL CLOTHES ON!!!" chaos of the morning.

Scout is refusing to get out of her crate, and quite frankly I don't blame her, I wish someone would crate me in a nice big cage with food, water, and comfy bed for a few hours.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Someone is about to get kicked out of bed if she doesn't keep getting excited every time a squirrel runs across the front yard.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kitchen Complete!

Before pictures here.

If or when we decide we don't need to have a crate for Scout our contractor gave us two beautiful shelves to stick in this unit. I can think of the many things I would love to store in my kitchen (platters!!) but I really have nowhere else out of the way to crate her and she definitely still needs the crate.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Little Helper??

While the kitchen is in last day (dear god, please!) of being worked on, and all my kids are finally back in school, I decided to do some organizing. My first task today was to organize the "sheets drawer" under the bunk bed. I had just beed shoving the sheets in there and then digging for matching sheets when I needed them. But my new cleaning lady insists that I don't lay the sheets out for her, she'll just get them herself. Gasp! Awesome but I needed to at least attempt to organize the drawer.

Meg decided at first that she just wanted to sit on all the sheets to read but would throw a fit if I tried to remove any of them from her throne. Umm. That was kind of the point.

That eventually turned into her wanting to sit on my lap to read and then her wanting me to give her a piggy back ride. All counter productive to my task.

So like any good mother I set her up in another room with books and iPad. She could watch "Bo on the Go" for hours.

Wa-la! Task done. Now I'm starving, back hurts and waiting for my errand boy to bring me Panera.
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